Coaches Choice Scholarship

The scholarship is designed to recognize and reward one male and one female SENIOR STUDENT ATHLETE, nominated by their coach, who exemplifies the following characteristics: work ethic, charisma, character and strong competitor.

Coaches Choice Scholarship PDF


The Dave Bame Making A Difference Scholarship

This scholarship has been renamed in honor of our Past-President Dave Bame who passed away in 2015. Our annual scholarship program awards are for male and female senior athletes. The scholarship is designed to recognize, reward and encourage STUDENT ATHLETES who have made a significant difference on their team, in their community or within Steinbrenner High School. (The scholarship may be awarded to an individual that has performed a particularly selfless act or to someone that may have continually provided a superior example for their peers.) Among the key characteristics that will be heavily weighted in awarding the scholarship will be strong moral character, exemplary work ethic, commitment to putting others (i.e., team, school, community or peer) before self, leadership and mentoring skills, and a positive attitude. To a lesser extent, the student athlete will be evaluated on their participation in school and community activities.

Dave Bame Scholarship pdf​